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What We Are

We are a small-sized general professional partnership of Certified Public Accountants engaged in the practice of audit, management advisory, business applications development, bookkeeping and other allied consulting services for the small and medium scale enterprises.

We bring value to our clients.   We offer a personalize level of care where our Partners are involved not only from the entrance/exit meetings but throughout the engagement activity.    We strive to provide proactive advice by presenting the situation, questioning the facts, offer practical alternatives and recommend based on those alternatives.

Our Mission

Our clients deserve nothing but the best from us.   Our mission is to serve our clients with the highest quality of service without compromising our professional integrity and independence.

We treat our work seriously.   By providing quality and timely business information, we bring value to our clients.

We will earn our client's trust if they are consistently satisfied with our service.

Our Vision

We will have our eye on small business solutions.  We will develop business applications that will integrate with other applications and become scalable across functional modules.  We aim that by the end of 2021, we will have complete modules for the enterprise resource planning systems to our core of professional services.

Our Approach

We work in close consultation with our clients.   We learn as much as we can to help us understand their problems better by getting to its root cause and develop workable solutions based on our diagnosis.  We strive to consider everything in our plan before we execute our moves to reduce any incidence of surprise that come along with our engagement.   We check and recheck our work before handing out the solutions and strive our best to provide more satisfactory results to our clients without compromising the interest of the general public.

There is no panacea to all business problems.   Not all engagements are the same.   The business dynamics change for every industry, each problem must be approached in a unique way.  There may be standard answers to common business problem but the solution may be delivered in many different ways for different business organizations.   At ASCPA, we impose ourselves to deliver workable and sustainable solutions for our clients.

Our work does not stop on exit meetings with the client.   We keep in touch with them by sharing the the latest news and events on finance, tax and certain business technology that can have significant impact on their business operations.  We also assist them by providing on-going education thru webcasts, podcasts, knowledge management resources, online trainings and end user support.

Our Way of Thinking

We treat the business problem as a story.  It has its main points as well as auxiliary points.  We really want to see the whole picture of the problem before we pay attention to its details.  It helps us point our target by solving the root cause of the problem.  This is why we devote so much time in planning to increase our chance of achieving our target.

The whole picture of the problem has stories to tell.   Each story has several tasks.  These stories will tell which tasks depend on other tasks.  By knowing our tasks, we know when and how to design our work programs before we dig into details.  We remove the duplicate tasks, plot them in sequence and then we process to achieve the required output.   By doing this, we focus on solving the most important parts of the problem.

Our Core Values

"The only thing that works is Management by Values. Find people who are competent and really bright, but more importantly, people who care exactly about the same things you care about."

Steve Jobs

What is a Core Value?

"A principle that guides an organization's internal conduct as well as its relationship with the external world."

Source: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/core-values.html

How Our Core Values Play Out in ASCPA's Mission and Vision?

It serves as the Company's DNA. The foundation of WHO WE ARE and WHAT WE ARE.

Why Are We Doing This?

To align our personal values with the Company's values by:

  • TEACHING RECOGNIZING LIVING these core values.
  • To educate our customers about our IDENTITY as a Company.
  • To work with PURPOSE.


  • Work hard to improve ourselves.
  • Deliberate practice.
  • Listen to your fixed mindset voice.


  • Give the best you've got.
  • Grow by embracing change.
  • Never allow the moment to be a memory.


  • Focus on the content.
  • Understand the message.
  • Appreciate the value of the message.


  • Do the impossible.
  • Surround yourself with passionate people.
  • Become a self-learned expert.


  • Demonstrate your character.
  • Fit your attitude in the environment.
  • Treat others seriously - even your enemies.


  • Say what we do. Do what we say.
  • Write your commitment.
  • Make your commitment important.

Our Firm History

Aldana, Sarmiento and Co., CPAs, known as ASCPA, was formally established on October 25, 2007.  ASCPA did not start its business right away.  The founding partners thought long and hard of the business challenges they might face once the company would be up and running.  Part of the initial business plan was to strengthen the Company's organizational capacity to fulfill its vision.   To put this plan into action, one of the founding partners had to study and learn the American's work environment and bring home the technology knowledge and practical experiences on January 2011.

ASCPA's business took off on February 2011.  We started with small bookkeeping, training and assurance engagements for NGOs and cooperatives.   Few months later, we were slowly representing clients on financial reporting and business tax concerns and assisting start up clients on business registrations at DTI, BIR and SEC.  On September 2012, ASCPA commenced its project audit engagements and outsourced internal audit works for the large foundation.  We developed and sold our first software, the point of sale and consignment inventory tracking application, on March 2011 for a chain of retail stores nationwide to automate the retail store operations and generate consignment inventory transaction reports.  Then the website development followed on October 2011 for the same client.  ASCPA built its major application by developing the payroll system for a multinational company on January 2015 to automate the payroll transactions, compensation tax reporting at the BIR, upload template for SAP Business One general ledger entries, and file conversion for auto debit transactions to employees' respective ATM accounts.  On June 2015, ASCPA commenced its internal project on module developments for ASCEND ERP Systems which we aim to integrate and finish by December 2018.

We officially changed our company name from Aldana, Sarmiento and Co., CPAs to Aldana, Sarmiento and Company, Certified Public Accountants and Consultants on February 21, 2012 at the Securities and Exchange Commission. We want our company name to reflect our goals for the immediate future - as both accounting service and business solutions provider for the small and medium scale businesses.

We view our future positively.   If we consistently focus our business actions on achieving our vision, we have a chance to sell our suite of business applications as early as December 2018.

Our Partners

We're a lean and flat company so everyone has important roles to fill in.  We're a team of less than five hardworking people from different professional backgrounds with one goal in mind - to satisfy our customers through quality work.  More time and effort are needed to maintain customer satisfaction on a consistent basis.

We must setup the tone to our staff employees.  We roll up our sleeves and get down to work right away.  We come prepared and strive to learn as much as we can from one another especially from our clients and peers.  We reinforce our knowledge and skills by challenging each other's ideas so we get the best practical solution for every business concern that come our way.  This is how things are done and will always be done in ASCPA from the Partners to their support staff.


Rodel Augusto G. Sarmiento Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Software Developer - ASCEND Business Solutions

Email:  rodel.augusto@aldanasarmiento.com
Telephone:  +632 296 6436 / +632 253 9344

Master in Management Accounting
Maharishi University of Management
Iowa USA (2011)

Master in Business Administration
Ateneo Graduate School of Business
Makati City Philippines (2004)

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
University of San Jose Recoletos
Cebu City Philippines (1994)

"Have faith in your great work.  Success is bound to happen if you believe it can happen."
Q.  What are your biggest priorities for ASCPA?
I have three most important priorities to address:
  1. Find and develop the right talents for our ERP development project.   They have to mesh our core values to improve team chemistry..
  2. Develop the knowledgebase for search and retrieval of organizational data for internal use and integration with ERP small business applications.
  3. Increase seed funding to support our manpower requirements for software development and IT infrastructures.
Q.  Why is it important that you address those priorities?
To increase our chances of achieving the ASCPA's vision in 2018.
Q.  Why pursue on development of business applications for ASCPA?
Business process automation for faster service delivery, improved quality and increasing the bottomline.
Q.  What is the goal of your business proposition?
Most small and medium scale enterprises have limited resources to spend on technologies that will help them on these areas.  Leveraging on performance of existing functionalities of off-the-shelf small business applications will become limited as their business grows and organizational processes become more complex.  We believe there is potential market for this gap.  Approximately 65% of the businesses in the Philippines are small and medium scale enterprises.  Scaling up their IT needs by combining proprietary and open-source systems will maximize their IT resource utilization without investing much on new technologies.

By bundling our accounting services with business applications, we can offer more value to our services.  Our knowledge, skills and experience in accounting, consulting and ERP technology will be more beneficial to small businesses.  This is what we want in the immediate future.
Q.  What drew your interest to ERP technology?
I forced myself to learn ERP while doing my new jobs in 2005 as Manager in Accounting and Finance and as core member of the ERP project implementation team.  It was very frustrating that our ERP Consultants failed to guide the project management team who had no experience in ERP project management.  What made it harder for me was all the erroneous activities from Logistics, Production, Customer Service, Credit and Collection and Treasury spilled over to General Ledger.  I had to figure out the inner workings of this ERP software to understand how the accounting entries were posted and affected the general ledgers and financial statements.  This painful experience drew my interest to learn more about programs and databases.  My practical experience in business analysis supported my ERP knowledge and skills especially on programming, database, networking, data analysis, business intelligence and information security.
Q.  What valuable advice can you give to our aspiring developers and accountants?
Believe in your great work.  You cannot push the envelope unless you have confidence at what you do.  At times there will be people or circumstances that will put you down and you must endure the unrelenting challenges or perhaps unbearable embarrassment that comes along with your work.  Stay on course.  Believe your work will succeed along the way.
Audit Experience
Aldana, Sarmiento and Company (2011-present)
Diaz Murillo Dalupan, CPAs (1995-1997)
Industries Served
Engineering and Construction
IT Consultancy
Manpower Services
Printing and Advertising
Real Estate Development
Professional Affiliations
Former Board Member, League of NGO Accountants for Development (LEAD)
Member, Information System Audit and Control Association (ISACA)
Member, Institute of Internal Auditors - Philippines (IIA-P)
Member, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA)
Certified Information Systems Auditor - Passer (2014)
Certified Internal Auditor (2013)
Financial Accounting and Reporting - California USA CPA Exam (2010)
Business Environment and Concepts - California USA CPA Exam (2008)
Microsoft Dynamics 4.0 Finance Series (2008)
Certified Public Accountant - Philippines (1998)


Nataniela Aldana-Sarmiento Co-Founder and Partner - Audit and Assurance

Email:  nataniela@aldanasarmiento.com
Telephone:  +632 296 6436 / +632 253 9344

Master in Business Administration
University of Santo Tomas
España Manila Philippines (ongoing)

Bachelor of Science in Commerce
Major in Accounting
University of the East
Caloocan City Philippines (1992)

"Be persistent on developing your potential.  Translate into skill by learning through doing."
Q.  What do you like most about audit?
Validation of interviews through verification and translating the audit impact into figures.
Q.  What do you find most valuable in your audit work as Partner of ASCPA?
Getting known by clients for adding value to their business.  The impact is more pronounced when you feel they are happy with your work and the impact of your solutions is for the Company's long term well-being.
Q.  What have you learned in ASCPA that is quite different from other companies you had worked for?
Emphasis on good planning and focus on the most important tasks of every project engagement.
Q.  What drew your interest about combining Agile with Audit?
Scheduling your work becomes more meaningful in a sense that you can get things done faster and smarter.  You can see the big picture right away when discussed face to face.
Q.  What valuable advice can you give to our aspiring CPAs?
Be persistent in learning every accounting topic that you find difficult.  Instead of ignoring it, pursue it more by reading a lot about that accounting topic.   Your understanding will serve as your gateway to appreciate and correlate it with other accounting topics.
Audit Experience
Aldana, Sarmiento and Company (2011-present)
Diaz Murillo Dalupan, CPAs (1992-1997, 2006)
Industries Served
Engineering and Construction
Manpower Services
Real Estate Development
Travel Agency
Professional Affiliations
Member, Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Certified Public Accountant - Philippines (1992)

Our Core Services

ASCPA focuses on specific accounting and business application needs of our clients.  We customize our services to deliver strategic solutions based on our client's business conditions.  We focus our attention on specific issues that affect our client's business.  We put the right consultants who have the knowledge, skills and experience in solving those problems.  We communicate to level off the expectations of our clients so they are in sync with us based on achievable results.

Here are the core accounting and business applications services we offer:

Audit and Assurance

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We offer external audit of financial statements of small and medium sized-entities belonging to the industry of manufacturing, logistics, retail, education and non-profit organizations and who are not offering stocks and other financial instruments in the capital markets.

Tax Services

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We help SME clients with concerns on their tax liabilities and compliance with the Bureau of Internal Revenue.  Our approach on these matters is risk-based to devise effective strategies in uncovering the important income tax exposures of the client in tune with the recent tax policies and newly implemented regulations by the Bureau.  A reasonably complied tax obligation means less costs and unwanted hassles on the part of Management.

Consulting Services

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We assist our clients in putting up the financial system and required documentation in accordance with the company policies and procedures.   These systems and documents shall be used as standard references of the employees to perform their work based on established methodology.  If the company produces results correctly and consistently, the associated risks are effectively managed.

Business Applications Solutions

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We are developing softwares to be used for everyday business computing for the small and medium sized companies.  These applications are scalable enough to meet the increasing needs of the end users. As of today, we have developed applications for inventory tracking and lease management systems wherein its functionality requirements are designed for retail, real estate, property rentals or rent-to-owned businesses.

Business Registration/Licensing

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Registering a new company or following up the compliance requirements of an existing company can be tasky and challenging.  We want you to keep an eye on the daily operations of your business and let us do the necessary paperwork.  We can help you fill the gaps and plan for preventive actions to minimize the unnecessary disruption in the daily operation of your business.

Accounting Process Outsourcing

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We can help manage the whole or certain parts of your accounting processes without disrupting the operations of your business.  We can use your business applications or utilize our existing business applications to process the accounting transactions of your company.  As a back office solutions provider, we treat your data in strict confidentiality.

Industries We Serve

Planning is crucial for every engagement.  We put high premium on studying our client and their industry.  It is our key to designing and implementing our work effectively.  The more we understand their business environment, the greater the chance we can address our client's needs.  Delivering our solutions is not a one and done deal.  We need to understand how their industry behaves so that our solutions can meet the long term needs of our clients.  We participate in the trainings, seminars, workshops, technical sessions and other related gatherings to get updated on the emerging issues and trends of the specific industry.  The more we know about that industry, the greater the value we can offer the clients.

Please click each icon to know more of the specific services we provide to current and prospective customers.





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    Echo Village Stores Bacolod, GenSan, Quezon City, Baguio, Sorsogon, Naga
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    September 28 to 29, 2013

  • Accounting for Non-Accountants

    SOFCO Office Samal, Bataan
    October 29 to 30, 2013

  • Basic Excel Training

    IPSCED Office, Philippine Cooperative Center Balete Drive Extension, Quezon City
    December 23, 2013

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We want to get engaged with our readers and get their thoughts from our published resource materials.  These materials can be a good reference for discussion with our peers and bring the subject to the broader audience.  We welcome your ideas and comments to help us get a 360 degree look on the topics discussed.

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We are looking for Accounting and Computer Science professionals who can assist us in our consulting and assurance works.  If you're coachable, willing to learn through doing the AGILE way and able to embrace our culture, then you may be the applicant that we are looking for.

Please click the Career Center button for more information on the job requirements for ASCPA's available position(s).  You can also call us at +632 8296 6436 or +632 8253 9344 or email your questions to support@aldanasarmiento.com.

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Available Positions

Position Available Date Posted
Junior Programmer 1 2019-06-01
Junior Auditor 1 2019-06-01
IT Intern - JAVA 1 2019-06-01
IT Intern - Advanced Analytics 1 2019-06-01
IT Intern - KnowledgeBase 1 2019-06-01
IT Intern - Firewall Security 1 2019-06-01

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